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Infectious Bryon vibes

Byron – notoriously relaxed atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle – is synonymous with shaping many personalities and attitudes. Similarly, the infant anger of James Cachia was shaped and moulded by the vibes expelled by the Byron locals through annual family holidays to the area. The fond memories and bonds formed there have shifted the persona of James into being a well-known nice-guy who is willing to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of others – this humility has extended his circles to encapsulate many people and acquiring entry into illustrious academies, yet his anger is presently non-existent.


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Byron Bay – An Interview Planned in Heaven

I hope to convey the sense that place has a significant impact on the people constantly involved with it, and how it moulds the people through the community vibes evoked by that particular place. My subject – James – has a close tie to Byron Bay, which was a key place in altering the underlying anger issues of him at a young age. As a long-term friend of his, I am rarely made aware of this as he is now a kind and sincere teenager, with this place close to his heart obviously of significant impact.

His voice definitely matches his calm nature, thus I hope to focus on this with little interruption – perhaps for soothing sounds like waves rolling. I am seeking to extract a single, key phrase to emphasise by isolating it and being a stand alone within the piece – backed up with the rest of that story and a story as a result of Byron’s effect on James. The mood I am seeking is a very calm and passive one, yet a mood that shows the changes that have occurred, and a tone suggesting James is thankful for these changes.

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People will always join you, its just the place that changes.

“I don’t feel many connections to places” says people-person Mill Burns, who is a firm believer that the company makes the aura of any situation what it is, and she is often the source of such energy.

Mill’s attachment to people rather than place extends to her love of adventures to new and exciting places off the map, going out of her way to include and offer people the world such that they will join her. A conversation with Mill that lacks the word “adventure” is quite the anomaly, however the wheels of her beloved car Clancy somehow keep getting her to every catch-up and event.

Smiles are the norm. Mill will always be there. Clancy always in tow.