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Journalism – Where will your skills take you?

Journalism – What Interests You?
Career skills are very broad with career paths being constantly specialised and shrunken. Students were asked what skills they had developed during their course at UOW and where they saw these skills taking them in job opportunities & life in general. As explored by interviewee’s, the most common skills are those taught at the most elementary level – such as interviewing and researching, however the more intricate skills of photography and filming were not so prevalent in first year students. This will help to explore the skills deemed necessary by these students and explain why they were seen as such.




Magnus Sundstrom, “Interview with Micke Karlsson – Marrie Laveau/Little Quarter” 11th November, 2011 (Accessed 21st April 2014).¬†



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Studying Together, Working Apart

Studying Together, Working Apart:

Students at UOW studying Journalism will remain a cohort for a few years yet, however it is then that the diversity of this field will swallow up young prospects and take them where it chooses. Young reporters must have a defined path they seek to travel in order to have the passion and drive required to succeed in such a competitive field. These students have shown a thirst for fulfilling their dreams as journalists and are seeking to make the most of their studies at UOW to further enhance and develop their reporting & coverage skills.