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What’s Hidden? Assignment Proposal

What’s Hidden? A very good question.

Many people incorrectly place a negative stigma upon spear-fishers, however I intend to create a piece whereby these silhouettes are given a name, a face. A story. I intend to discuss the relationship each “spearo” has with the ocean – the respect, love and commitment – and reduce the negativity associated with such a sport. Having recently diversified into loving this sport, many friends have now taken up spearing, and the excitement they show when sharing their latest dive is infectious and some of their catches are rather impressive!

"Blue Sights" - Nautilus Spearfishing

“Blue Sights” – Nautilus Spearfishing

Similar to this photograph from Nautilus Spearfishing, i hope to capture the eerie serenity attached to underwater adventures – the blissful silence, stillness of the diver, yet movement and life all around. It will hopefully include a variety of shots of the divers themselves, the point-of-view aspect from the divers, and scenes of the aquatic life they dive amongst. I shall be including sounds captured when out diving, along with the “chilled-out” music synonymous with beach vibes in the pre- and post-ludes. The key characters will include my friends who go out spearfishing, discussing what they love about it and everything else they associate with the sport, along with possibly the view of a traditional rod-and-reel fisherman sharing his views on the sport.


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Mega-Stories: Nature adds perspective

“A Game of Shark and Minnow” just sounds like a great article straight off the bat. And whilst it turned out to be about geopolitical tension, it lived up to its bold title. Staring at the sidebar upon opening the article, I vowed to read enough to establish the fulcrum of the article and proceed no further, yet I have found myself intrigued enough to have plowed through two thirds of this behemoth. And for a university student to complete so much of a reading, that deserves a Nobel Prize for ongoing commitment to the field of study.

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Infectious Bryon vibes

Byron – notoriously relaxed atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle – is synonymous with shaping many personalities and attitudes. Similarly, the infant anger of James Cachia was shaped and moulded by the vibes expelled by the Byron locals through annual family holidays to the area. The fond memories and bonds formed there have shifted the persona of James into being a well-known nice-guy who is willing to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of others – this humility has extended his circles to encapsulate many people and acquiring entry into illustrious academies, yet his anger is presently non-existent.