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People will always join you, its just the place that changes.

“I don’t feel many connections to places” says people-person Mill Burns, who is a firm believer that the company makes the aura of any situation what it is, and she is often the source of such energy.

Mill’s attachment to people rather than place extends to her love of adventures to new and exciting places off the map, going out of her way to include and offer people the world such that they will join her. A conversation with Mill that lacks the word “adventure” is quite the anomaly, however the wheels of her beloved car Clancy somehow keep getting her to every catch-up and event.

Smiles are the norm. Mill will always be there. Clancy always in tow.


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Multimedia Journalism – does it run itself?

Multimedia journalism has a funny habit of circling huge stories around and expanding the parameters extensively so that by the time the audience reads the updated happenings, the story has completely shifted focus.

Modern journalism will inherently become this morphing cycle which is presently emerging, and as such sensationalism and outrageously exaggerated stories will become commonplace, and this is the topic discussed in this week’s post on Storify.

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