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Blogging: Journalism or not?

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Blogging vs Journalism

Blogging vs Journalism

Modern technology has facilitated the rise of the blogging army. Often, the media holds a considerable sway in the realms of social change – perhaps due to the anonymity, or the geographical irrelevance of members. Whilst traditional journalists, and many citizens, may consider blogging to be a direct threat to the ongoing professional practice of journalism, blogging provides an invaluable platform for which budding journalists can publish their work and generate a portfolio.

“The enemy is bigger than we think, they are powerful, strategically placed around the world.”


However, there are no doubts that blogging has both positives and negatives in the flux of modern happenings.


Blogging and its simplicity offer journalists an easier platform of production, whilst simultaneously aiding the viewer’s uses by commonly supplying copious amounts of links to related materials for further consideration. The theory that blogging may soon overtake online newspapers may or may not be grounded, however both offer their unique benefits, and the “blogosphere” clearly has much to offer traditional journalism in all its forms, not least news reporting.


On the flipside, online groups such as Anonymous, who adopt a Robin Hood style of collaborative hacking to gain equality with the world’s big organisations and governments, have been shown to have a huge effect – the perceived effect depending on the viewer’s standing. Victims will naturally criticize breaches of privacy, whereas general population will support the actions which usually extract confidential and incriminating information from those covering it up.


Thinking realistically, blogging may well become the newest medium of next-generation journalists. The freedom and lack of red-tape restrictions placed on traditional journalists under their respective agency. Freedom of speech is emphasized, with no editor or brief to fulfill. For these reasons, it may in fact be the purest form of journalistic reporting, with no bias outside that of the writer.

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Author: David Atherton

Sports and travel writer, UOWTV Journalist

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