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A line in the bricks.

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Lines appear everywhere. Outside coffee shops, UniBar, and undercover areas on rainy days. Lines force people to decide what matters most – acquiring the morning coffee, or if saving time means getting wet.

Lines are part of life – the coffee lines showing the stereotypical “uni lifestyle” – however they are crucial for identifying people and differentiating ourselves. University can be an individual or communal experience. Engaging with others will more likely abide by social “norms” and take conservative approaches – avoiding the rain on this particular day – however individuals are given to efficiency,¬†timeliness and obscure solutions.


Author: David Atherton

Sports and travel writer, UOWTV Journalist

One thought on “A line in the bricks.

  1. I really like this photo and I think it highlights your metaphor perfectly! I feel like if it was perhaps larger it might be better as it was hard to see all the minor details within it. It really worked well expressing your caption though!

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